Olympus Live Composite - Atlanta Skyline --FULL!!!

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Tuition $45 - March 7, 2020

 Join official Olympus Workshop Partner, Natural Connections Photo Workshops as we lead you through one of the most exciting features on the Olympus OMD cameras - Live Composite.  If you have an Olympus OMD camera and haven't experienced how this feature changes everything with regard to long exposure photography (such as shooting for car trails, star trails and fireworks) this workshop is for you! Nothing makes shooting car trails zooming through an image easier! 

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Join Ledra at the Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta as she explains this feature and personally helps you capture images at this quintessential Atlanta skyline vista. 

Don't have an Olympus camera but would like to test one out?? No problem!! Just let us know when you register that you would like a loaner for this workshop. Olympus will provide one for you!

We will meet at 5:15pm to discuss and get ready for the shoot, and we will end around 7:15pm.