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We offer 1 - 6 day photography workshops and camera instruction in some of the most beautiful and exciting locations all over the United States.  Our workshops and classes are for ALL skill levels.  Anyone who has an interest in seeing beautiful places and capturing amazing images (while having fun doing it!) belongs on our photography workshops. 

We are an official Olympus Workshop Partner and we shoot Olympus mirrorless cameras during our workshops and for our private photographic work.  But do NOT take this to mean that everyone uses Olympus on our workshops - every camera manufacturer and shooter is found and welcomed on our workshops. 

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What Makes Us Different from Other Photo Workshop Companies?

  • Our instructors are not just tour leaders - we bring years of teaching experience to the table - a strong background with photo technique as well as understanding photography gear.   
  • Group size - Always reasonable - There will never be too many people in our photography classes for us to offer individual attention to anyone who needs it.  
  • Our workshops are about YOU - Our instructors are there to teach, period. They do not do their own shooting to the detriment of the students. 
  • Pre-Scouted Locations - Your first time there will NOT be OUR first time there.
  • Our workshops are about having FUN! Some instructors can take the fun right out of photography.  We can guarantee that will never happen on our workshops. 

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About NCPW

The NCPW Team

Natural Connections Photo Workshops started out as the brainchild of married team, Jeff and Ledra Woodlee.  Their mutual love of photography was the essential cornerstone of this venture.  Together they did what they loved best - teaching and leading photography workshops and photography classes around the country for people who like to travel, learn photography and have lots of fun doing it! 

Prior to meeting, both Ledra and Jeff conducted photo workshops individually.  But once they combined forces they discovered a collective 25-year base of photo knowledge to offer to their students. Through classroom lecture, critiques and hands-on instruction in the field, they offered their students the ability to address their specific needs and to develop their photographic talents. 

Jeff's untimely and sudden passing in 2018 changed the NCPW team physically, but not in spirit.  Ledra presses on with the same passion and intensity as before.  With a background in retail photography sales and service, Ledra possesses a broad collective knowledge of most things photographic - photography gear in addition to photographic technique.  Everything she has learned in the retail environment has only served to deepen her knowledge and ability to help workshop participants in the classroom and in the field as well.  

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