Old Car City - White, Georgia - Oct 17, 2020

old car city, texture, macro, photo workshop, photo class, photo tour

Tuition $80 (does not include admission fee of $30 - cash only)

Nestled on 36 acres pretty much in the middle of nowhere lies one of North Georgia's former well kept secrets - Old Car City, USA.  However, the word is getting out. Photographers are coming from all over to visit this former 1931 car dealership. 

old car city, white, georgia, rust, abandoned, photo workshop, photo class, photo tour

This property arguably contains one of the country's largest collections of classic, as well as not-so-classic cars.  Intertwined with the local vegetation and textured by the elements, Old Car City provides a smorgasbord of photographic opportunity.

From portrait photographers to photographic fine art enthusiasts - there is something for everyone to shoot at Old Car City. 

old car city, texture, rust, hood ornament, photo workshop, photo class, photo tour

Join us on October 17, 2020 for a fun and unusual day of shooting.  We will lead you through this maze of rusty nuts, bolts and the ghosts of cars past.  You will learn to look at photography differently and will be able to focus in on intimate and abstract scenes.  If you are into macro photography, you could spend a week here and not see everything Old Car City has to offer.  

old car city, texture, macro, photography class, photography workshop, photo tour

So come out for a fun day of creative seeing and photographing.  This place is definitely different than anything else you've ever shot before!

**This 1-day workshop begins at 9am and ends at 3pm.   

CANCELLATION POLICY:   There will be no refunds issued after October 3, 2020. In the event the workshop is cancelled due to rain, the participants will be refunded.