Glacier NP and MT Ghost Towns-Small Group 0f only 4

glacier national park, montana, many glacier, waterfall, photo workshop, doug johnson, tim cooper

Tuition $2500, 7 day workshop - includes a lake boat ride to a gorgeously stunning hike

Session 1 - July 11-18 -- Full!! Waitlist Only

Session 2 - August 1-9 -- Full!! Waitlist Only

If you haven't had the great fortune of shooting in one of the most picturesque national parks in the country, then this is the workshop for you!! Nestled in the northwestern corner of Montana, this park can be summed up in two simple words - AWE INSPIRING. Nowhere have we found such a stunning example of our country's magnificent beauty. Join Ledra as she guides you through one of her favorite shooting locations in the Western United States. 

Then add the and history of photographing 4 of the best ghost towns Montana has to offer, and driving through the beauty of the surrounding countryside as you do so,  and this truly becomes a 'Taste of Montana'. 

glacier national park, montana, lake, mountains, photo workshop rocky mountain school of photography

This one is a two-part experience. The first 4 days will have you exploring all through this majestic park - its towering mountains, sapphire blue waterfalls, chasms and gorges, pristine peak-surrounded lakes and the most famous and heart stopping road of them all - The Going to the Sun Road.

glacier national park, montana, many glacier, waterfall, photo workshop,  rocky mountain school

The second part of this adventure will take you back in time as you experience and photograph a history of what early life was like in this remote mountain country.   Visit 4 ghost towns to get a sense of that world. 

Plus, between the two segments, we will also photograph one of the most beautiful Bison preserves you could ever imagine.  This is truly an amazing opportunity to capture such a combination of history and landscape and nature photography.

Workshop sessions:  

Session 1  starts in St. Mary, MT July 11 around 5pm and ends in Dillon, MT July 17 in the evening....flying out on the 18th

Session 2 - starts in St. Mary, MT August 2nd around 5 pm and ends in Dillon, MT August 8th in the evening....flying out on the 9th

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IMPORTANT NOTES:  Cancellation by You

If the workshop is a 4-person small group workshop:

1)  There are no non-paying spouses allowed on the trip.  Any spouse who wishes to attend will have to pay the full tuition. 

2)  There are no refunds after the workshop has filled up.  This workshop MUST be in full in order to happen.  For this reason we STRONGLY suggest getting travel insurance.  Make sure any coverage you get will cover the workshop tuition fee if something happens and you need to cancel. 

If the workshop is a regular 8-person workshop:

1)  There is a limit of 2 non-shooting spouses on this workshop and there is a fee of $300 for spouses.  You will need to pay that fee along with the regular tuition upon registration.  If the spouse later decides not to attend, the spouse fee is refundable. 

2)  If you must cancel, you may receive a refund if we are more than 90 days out from the workshop.  If we are within 90 days of the start of the workshop, then there are no refunds, unless we have someone on the waitlist able to take your spot.  If you paid a spouse fee for a non-shooting spouse and then have to cancel the workshop, the spouse fee is fully refundable any time. 

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 Important Note:

There are two fairly aggressive hikes on this workshop. Please be prepared to hike around 2-3 miles round-trip on each of these hikes. Neither hike has a required point to achieve so you may move along these routes at your own personal pace.  But the payoff is BEYOND worth the effort! 

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We have multiple hotels we are staying in during our visit -- it's a big park and will cut down on drive time! Please make sure to register for ALL 4 for the specific hotels shown....

1) Saint Mary Lodge

 Hwy 89 & Going to the Sun Road 

St. Mary, MT 59417 406-892-2525 

Session 1 - (3 nights) - July 11, 12, 13, checking out the 14th

Session 2 -  (3 nights) - Aug 2, 3, and 4, checking out the 5th

The motel area of the property is about $100 less than the lodge.  These are clean, but basic older rooms.  Given that we are shooting most of the day, most people don't mind.  If you would like to book slightly higher end accommodations, ask for a room in the lodge.

2) The Glacier Highland

 12555 US-2 

West Glacier, MT 59936 


Session 1 - (1 night) - July 14th

Session 2 - (1 night) - Aug 5th


3) Holiday Inn Express & Suites

150 Expressway

Missoula, MT 59808


Session 1 - (1 night) - July15th

Session 2 - (1 night) - Aug 6th

4) Best Western Paradise Inn 

650 North Montana St

Dillon, MT 59725


Session 1 - (2 nights) - July 16 &17, checking out the 18th

(flying out the18th in the afternoon)

Session 2 - (2 nights) - Aug 7 & 8, checking out the 9th (flying out the 9th in the afternoon)

glacier national park, montana, photography workshop, avalanche gorge, rocky mountain school


Glacier International Airport
4170 Hwy 2 East
Kalispell, MT 59901 

(closest hotel to Glacier and Waterton)


Missoula International Airport
5225 US HWY 10 West
Missoula, MT 59808

(closest hotel to where we finish)


You are responsible for your own transportation to, from and during the workshop. There are car rental agencies at or near either of the airports listed above.  If you would like to share car rental costs with someone, please let us know and we can get you in touch with other participants who wish to share. 

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Weather - This workshop will take you through many shooting environments, so be prepared for whatever the weather may bring.  Be sure to have rain gear for you and your camera.

Conditions - There will be 2 hikes on this trip. If you cannot hike a 3 mile round trip, the hikes may be difficult for you.  Please do not, however, take this to mean the hikes are impossible.....we will take our time.  They can be strenuous, but each is done at your pace and we give you plenty of time to get to the shoot and to get back. One hike is a gradual hike uphill on a well worn and wide path with beauty at every turn.  And another will be more steep, but again, you may go as far as you wish at your own pace.  Make sure you have HIKING FOOTWEAR for this trip and hiking poles to help with stability. If you have any concerns please contact us to ask.    

Accessories - We do not require that you purchase any specific equipment for this workshop.  With that said, however, there are a couple of filters that we feel are very important to possess and whose effects cannot be replicated in Photoshop.  A circular polarizer is very commonly used in landscape photography.  We also recommend that you bring a 3-stop (.9) circular neutral density filter.  There are some effects you cannot achieve without having an item such as this to block some light from entering the camera.  

wolf, triple d game farm, kalispell, montana, photo workshop