Death Valley National Park- March 9-13, 2021

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Tuition-$1495 - Limited to 8 participants - see our POLICIES page regarding non-shooting spouses)

Death Valley is the HOTTEST, the DRIEST and the LOWEST place in the National Park System.  But do not mistake that to mean that is isn't one of the most BEAUTIFUL of the national parks.  Death Valley is frequently referred to as The Land of Extremes, but don't let the name fool you. From snow covered peaks in the distance to around 300 feet BELOW sea level, this place is a photographer's paradise. 

Death Valley is the largest national park outside of Alaska, and we are going to explore a significant portion of it with our cameras.  Low valley floors, towering peaks, expansive vistas, colorful canyons and rugged salt flats will be part of your photographic experience in Death Valley.  This place offers a beauty so different from most of the national parks that it should undoubtedly find a special place on your bucket list. 

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This workshop starts on Monday afternoon at 3pm and ends by noon on Saturday.  

A note on non-shooting spouses.   If a spouse wishes to join the group, they will have to pay the full tuition fee.  If the spouse won't be with us at all, there is no fee.  But please understand that there is practically NOTHING to do in Death Valley if the spouse isn't a golfer or doesn't plan to ride along with us.  It is not near anything and there is no shopping.  There is no internet and barely any TV.  

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**Cancellation Policy - Understand that on our longer trips where most people have to make extensive travel plans in order to join us, our cancellation policy is slightly more strict.  On this workshop, the last day for you to cancel for a refund is January 1, 2021.  If you cancel before this date you will receive your payment back minus a $50 transaction fee.  After this date, there will be no refunds unless we can fill your position with someone from the wait list. For this reason WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO PURCHASE TRIP INSURANCE TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR INVESTMENT.  


Travel Specifics


Stovepipe Wells Village
51880 Highway 190
Death Valley, CA 92328

Rate: $189.00per nite / Cut-off Date:  2-1-2021

  Attain your lodging for March 6, checking out the 10th. The workshop actually ends at noon on the 10th, but our rates are good if you want to stay that night and fly out the next day checking out on the 11th. We also have the night of March 5th reserved if you wish to come in the afternoon before the workshop starts.

***Make sure you tell the hotel that you are with Natural Connections Photo Workshops when you register to get your group rate.


McCarran International Airport (LAS)
5757 Wayne Newton Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89119

We recommend you fly into Las Vegas and then drive to Death Valley which is about 2 hours away.  


All major rental car companies  can be found at the Las Vegas airport.  Make sure to rent a car with high ground clearance.  You don't have to get an Escalade or anything like that ....but something that is not a regular sedan. 

For this Workshop: 

Weather - The weather in Death Valley is generally dry and sunny, but not always. Although the park has a reputation for really hot weather, you will find that it can be very chilly in the morning and then quite warm in the afternoon.  Be sure to bring warm clothing and outerwear (including gloves and hats) for sunrise shoots as windy summits can be VERY cold at this time of day.  

Conditions - We will be in salt and sand - the whole time. Sand can be very damaging to camera gear.  Be sure to bring a plastic bag or something similar so you can set your bag down and it not be in the sand or on the corrosive salt beds.  Also keep some sort of filter on your lenses in case of blowing sand. 

Accessories - We do not require that you purchase any specific equipment for this workshop.  With that said, however,we do recommend that you bring a circular polarizer for each of your lenses for this workshop.