Yellowstone in the Winter - January 2021


Tuition $2600 - 5 Day workshop including 3 days in a private snow coach for ONLY 5 participants per Session.

It's official, Yellowstone in the Winter is one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced photographically.  We will have two workshop sessions in January 2021:

Session 1 - January 16-21, 2021 - FULL!!!

Session 2 - January 22-29, 2021 - FULL!!!

Please note, there are no refunds on this trip after full payment is made and the trip fills.  The only way we can refund you if you decide to cancel is if we have someone on the wait list willing and able to take your spot.  All 5 spots must be filled for a workshop of this small size to be able to run.  FOR THIS REASON WE SUGGEST THAT YOU PURCHASE TRAVEL INSURANCE FOR THE NON-REFUNDABLE PORTIONS OF THIS TRIP!!   

CLICK HERE to look into travel insurance.  If you call and get a quote for only the non-refundable costs of this workshop it will probably cost around $250.  Not bad for peace of mind for a bucket list trip!


Yellowstone is certainly one national park that mystifies visitors and offers a wonderful and fascinating playground for the photographer.  Even more so in winter.  The only way into Yellowstone in the Winter is with a commercial snow coach or snowmobile tour the tourists are MINIMAL!!  Plus, animals are much easier to spot and really stand out from their usual surroundings.  Then add a layer of snow on their coats and you'll get images like no other.  

This workshop will involve three days in our own private snow coach with our driver helping spot wildlife and steering us to amazing scenic areas as well.  We will explore most of the mid to southern part of the park on the snow coach for the first 3 days and then spend a day and a half based on the North end in Gardiner, MT exploring the road through the Lamar Valley to Cooke City.  We will also take some time to play in the Mammoth Springs area.  



This 5-day workshop is for both landscape and wildlife photography.   We will be on a constant hunt for wildlife but we will also stop for landscape images as well.  

Non-Participating Spouses:

Please note that we often offer a courtesy position for non-participating spouses on SOME of our workshops....but we cannot on this one.  The snow coach limits the number of participants to 5, and if a spouse wants to tag along on the workshop, they must pay the full tuition for a spot and will be welcome on all excursions. 




We will stay in two separate hotels for the workshop.  There will be no group blocks available due to the small size of the group.  We suggest you make your reservations as soon as you are registered for the workshop.  The hotels are as follow:

Holiday Inn Express (West Yellowstone)

315 Yellowstone Ave

West Yellowstone, MT 59758


Please make your reservations online at:


call the hotel directly at 406-646-7365 and be sure to give them the reservation codes below:

*Session 1: Dates --  Use Code: NC1

January 16-19

(4 nights) checking out Jan 20 

$109 per night

**Session 2: Dates -- Use Code:  NC2

January 22-26

(5 nights) checking out Jan 27

$109 per night


The Ridgeline Hotel at Yellowstone

905 Scott Street W

Gardiner, MT 59030


*Session 1: Dates -- Jan 20 & 21 

(2 nights) checking out Jan 22

**Session 2: Dates -- Jan 27 & 28

(2 nights) checking out Jan 29

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be sure to ask for the RIVERVIEW BUILDING on the DRIVE UP level. The room numbers should be in the 400 block of the building. There are NO elevators in this hotel and we have specifically asked for rooms in this building. 



You are responsible for all transportation getting to the workshop and transferring between hotels.  You will fly into the Bozeman, MT airport and will need to rent a car to get to West Yellowstone.  We will be on the snow coach for the first 3 days, but then you will need the car to transfer to Gardiner for the second part of the workshop.  We will carpool during the second part of the workshop once we arrive in Gardiner so that we will only have 2 cars in our exploration convoy. 

Please try to fly in on one of the earliest flights arriving in Bozeman.  Although they do keep the roads plowed that we will be traveling, there is still often snow on the roads and you will need time to safely drive from the Airport to West Yellowstone, which can be about a 2- hour drive once you get your rental car.  Be SURE to ask for a rental car with 4WD or at a minimum, one with All-wheel-drive like a Subaru or such. 

***NOTE:  for the 2ND session, do not make any flight or non-refundable expenses plans until we notify you that the workshop is FULL. 




Yes, Yellowstone in the Winter is cold and there is snow.  But as long as you are prepared with the proper clothing and gear, you will be able to truly enjoy the trip.  Once you are registered for the workshop we will send out detailed information on how to dress and items you will need for yourself and for your camera gear.