Yellowstone in the Winter - TBD - January 2020

Tuition and exact dates to be determined, but likely mid to late January

I don't normally put a teaser like this out there, but I'm heading to Yellowstone in mid-January of 2019 and will be putting together a trip for just 6 people.  

This will involve several days in our own private snow coach exploring most of the park and several days spending time in the Lamar Valley and Mammoth Springs areas.  

This workshop will be for both landscape and wildlife photography and will likely be 5-6 days. It will also be more expensive than other trips of that duration due to the snow coach rental....but sooooo worth it!

Please note that we often offer a courtesy position for non-participating spouses on some workshops....but we can't on this one.  The snow coach limits the number of participants and if a spouse wants to come, they must pay the full tuition for a spot. 

I am taking preliminary registrations on this to create a list of right of first if you are interested, go ahead and sign up.  No money to be paid until the workshop is set up around the end of this coming January.

Tell us you are interested - reserve a preliminary spot!!