Why Olympus Mirrorless Cameras

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Size, Size, Size......did we mention size?

Olympus OM-D series cameras are the smallest mirrorless PRO cameras and lenses you can buy.  We cut our bag weight in HALF using comparable lenses with the Olympus OM-D system. 

Also, apples to apples, Olympus pro gear costs WAY less than equivalent DSLR gear. When we sold our DSLR gear, we were able to purchase the equivalent Olympus gear AND put money back in our pockets. 

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Real Time Features - What you see is what you get!

This is the best feature of all.  You see everything either on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder EXACTLY as it will be shot, before you shoot it. Exposure, white balance, art filters, etc. show up exactly as they will be in the image.

Also, a live time histogram makes exposure a snap....BEFORE you snap the pic. 

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So many unique features....

Built in HDR, Digital Teleconverter, Time Lapse Video, Focus Brackting/Stacking, Keystone Compensation, High Resolution Shot,  Live Composite for long exposure shooting, 4k Video, Focus Peaking, WIFI and Silent Shooting to name a few. 

Plus, Olympus offers firmware updates on all of their OM-D cameras.  No more buying a new camera every year just because they introduced a new feature!

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Solid and Steady

All PRO camera bodies and lenses are metal and built extremely solid. They are also weather, dust and freeze-resistant. 

5-Way image stabilization makes shooting hand-held in low light a real possibility.  

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Super Control Panel

With the push of one button, the Super Control Panel will open and give you quick and easy access to the vast majority of settings you will use the most. 

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Full Line of Bodies and Lenses

There are 3 camera bodies in the OM-D line: the entry E-M10 Mark III, the mid-range E-M5 Mark II, and the Flagship PRO E-M1 Mark II body....a camera to fit any shooting level. 

Add to that 13 prime lenses, 10 PRO weather-resistant lenses and 10 zooms....there is a lens for every need. 

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Don't know what to buy? Here are our suggestions....

Pro System - E-M1 Mark II body, 12-40 2.8, 40-150 2.8 & 7-14 2.8 for the standard 'trifecta' of pro gear.  Their 1.2 lenses are astounding for prime shooters (17 1.2, 25 1.2, 45 1.2) If you are a birder or fast subject shooter, don't overlook the 300 f4. 

Mid-Range system - If you don't need the advanced focusing system of the E-M1 Mark II, then consider an E-M5 Mark II body.  Still weather resistant and all PRO lenses mentioned above work GREAT on it.  If you are looking for a more 'walk around' system, consider this body and the PRO 12-100 f4, or the more mid-range 14-150 for an all-in-one lens solution. 

Does all of this look to to be too much and you just want an entry, easy system to get started?  Then go with the E-M10 Mark III and the 14-150 all-in-one lens.  Still too pricey? Then stick with the E-M10 Mark III kit that comes with the 14-42 lens. 

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