Olympus OMD Camera Class - Feb 29, 2020 FULL - waitlist only

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Tuition - $145 - Feb 29, 2020

You asked for and you got it....a day to learn the basics and some more advanced features of your Olympus OMD camera with official Olympus Workshop Partner, Ledra Woodlee.  This will be a 2-part experience.  We start our day in the classroom with lecture and hands on instruction about the cameras themselves - the menus and how to easily access important features.

olympus camera class, OMD, em1, train, southeastern railway museum, photo workshop

After a several hours of questions and instruction (and a lunch break) we then head out onto the museum grounds and test out what you've learned.  The Southeastern Railway Museum occupies a 35-acre site in Duluth, Georgia, in northeast suburban Atlanta. In operation since 1970, the Southeastern Railway Museum features about 90 items of rolling stock including historic Pullman cars and classic steam locomotives. 

olympus camera class, omd, em1, train car, southeastern railway museum, photo workshop

Location:  Southeastern Railway Museum
3595 Buford Hwy
Duluth, Georgia 

This workshop starts at 10am and ends around 5pm. Please NOTE that this class will NOT include video or flash instruction. 

Who Should Attend this Class:  New Olympus owners will learn how to maneuver through the camera and about important special features built in and how and when to use them. Intermediate Olympus users will definitely learn things they didn't know about their cameras as well - there is SO much packed into these little machines!  

HOWEVER, advanced users looking for a discussion of every menu and every minute menu item will not get that in this class. We will discuss many menu items from all the menus (except flash and video) but will NOT deep dive into every single one. That would be a highly technical 3-day course....and this class is not that.  With that said, you will still learn plenty about the most commonly useful menus and tools this camera has to offer. 

Please Note:  This class will follow the menu system of the EM1 Mark II.  All Olympus OMD system camera owners are welcome in the class....just understand we will be discussing some features that are not found in cameras prior to the EM1 Mark II.  We will touch on some of the features found in the newer EM1X as well. Regardless, you will still learn a great deal about any OMD camera you have. 

The last day to cancel this workshop and receive a refund is February 8, 2020.  After this date refunds are only available if we have someone on the waiting list who is able to take your place.