Eagles of Iowa - February 6-9, 2021 - only 3 spots left!!


Tuition - $500 - Only 7 participants (only 1 non-paying spouse allowed on this one, and that position is already full)


Join us for a few days of eagle-hunting.....photographically hunting that is!!

In a small town in Iowa, eagles congregate on the Mississippi in the Winter to feed and to survive.  As the Mississippi freezes from the north, bald eagles migrate to this area of the river.  The locks and dams keep the river churned up and allow the birds to feed.  


 Here you can view from hundreds up to a few thousand eagles within a couple of days.  We will catch them roosting, flying, fishing, scanning the waters for their prey and perching on ice-floats in the middle of the river. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This workshop needs to fill to run, so please do not make any non-refundable expenses until we notify you that the workshop is officially going to run. 

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We will be staying in Davenport, Iowa at the Radisson: 

Radisson Quad City Plaza

111 E 2nd St.

Davenport, IA 52801

Make your reservations for 3 nights - February 6, 7, 8, checking out the 9th.




We will be flying into the Moline/Quad Cities International Airport (MLI).  It is important that all participants book the earliest flight into the area as you will be picked up at the airport and we will be sharing rental cars.

Rental Cars:

It is important that you are willing to carpool/share rental cars on this workshop as we would like to keep the number of cars in the convoy to 3.   

 If you would like to see about sharing the cost of a rental car with someone, please let us know and we will make and effort to find someone else who would like to share. 



For this workshop you will need fast photo gear and you will need a variety of lenses.  Your long lens would need to be something like a 400 or 600 length or longer if you have it.  If you don't you can consider renting what you need since it is only for a few days:

For DSLR users:

Have as fast of a camera as you can with a high number of focus points and a quick focusing system. For the long lens we recommend renting a Sigma 150-600 SPORT version. You will also need very fast cards.....300mb/s work great. 

Olympus Users:

It is best to bodies that have the fastest focusing systems that Olympus has available -- currently the EM1 Mark II and the EM1X.  You will need the 300mm lens with either the 1.4 or 2.0 teleconverter.  We also suggest the 40-150 with a teleconverter as well.  You will also need the 300 mb/s cards for quick writing to the card during blast mode. 

Olympus Loaners:

If you are an Olympus shooter, we can likely get you a loaner for this workshop if you don't have the above-listed gear.  Just let us know when you sign up.